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    Copra is the dried meat or kernel of a coconut typically split into two halves. Copra is used for direct consumption as well as coconut oil extraction and the residue following extraction is used as animal feed.

    At GVI, we have identified the areas with the highest production of coconuts in the country and have set up our processing centers in those areas. We choose high quality, fully mature nuts for our Copra and carry out both sun and oven drying until derided moisture content is achieved. Our dedicated Copra production staff are experts in their field and we continue to grow our production capabilities through innovative and continuous improvement in our processes.

    Interesting Fact

    Indonesia is the largest coconut grower in the world

  • Product Grades

    • • Edible Grade White Copra – For direct consumption. Free from fungus,burnt,smoky and immature copra.
    • • White Copra (Grade A) for Oil Milling – For high grade oil milling. Very low FFA content, free from fungus and burned copra. Very minimal smoky and immature copra
    • • Black Copra (Grade C) for Oil Milling – For CNO and RBD Oil milling. Higher FFA content, low grade copra