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    Both Mace and Nutmeg are derived from the fruit of the same tree, Myristica fragrans. Mace is the thin, bright red aril or lace-like covering over the shell of the Nutmeg. Its flavor is similar to Nutmeg but more delicate.

    Mace is particularly used as a condiment though its medicinal properties resemble those of nutmeg. The warm, spicy-sweet taste is a frequent seasoning for many kinds of baked goods, confections, puddings, meat, sausages, sauces and vegetables.

    GVi's team buys this very delicate ingredient directly from the farmers at the source. It is then brought to our processing units where it is dried and sorted by well trained, highly skilled personnel to ensure that you get the best there is of this spice directly from the farmer to your doorstep.

    Interesting Fact
    • It takes 400 pounds of nutmegs to produce one pound of mace!
    • Until the 18th Century, the world's only source of Mace and Nutmeg was Indonesia. When the Dutch took control of this area, Mace and Nutmeg were among the richest prizes.

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