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    Clove is the common name of dried flower buds from a tree of the myrtle family, native to the islands of eastern Indonesia. Just like coconuts, each and every part of the clove plant is useful and is put to optimal use by the local industries.

    It is used whole or ground, to flavor ales, mulled wines, curries, rice, meat, soap, preserves and stewed fruits. It is also used to produce cigarettes in Indonesia because of its essence. It has numerous traditional as well as modern medicinal uses for: toothache, vomiting, indigestion, cuts and bites etc.

    We at GVI, source our cloves directly from farmers, dry, machine clean and hand sort the material at our own processing facilities using highly skilled talent so as to provide our buyers with only the finest.

    Interesting Fact

    Indonesia is the world’s biggest producer as well as consumer of cloves!

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    • • HPS (Hand Picked and Sorted)
    • • FAQ (Machine cleaned)
    • • FAQ (Uncleaned)