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    Damar Batu is a petrified natural resin of ancient shorean trees. Much harder than other resins, it has brown and black colors with various sizes ranging from 1cm to 20 cms. Unlike gum damar which is taken directly from the tree, the resin of Damar Batu is obtained underground in fossilized form, close to the tree roots, in the jungles of Indonesia.

    Damar Batu is applied traditionally by the fishers as wood boat putty by way of mixing with kerosene. It has also been used for incense because it gives a pleasant odour when burnt or heated. More recently, it is also being used in the manufacture of paints, putty, varnish/shellac.

    We source our damar batu directly from the source and carry out drying,sorting and strict inspection before packaging and delivery so as to provide our buyers with only the finest.

    Interesting Fact

    In India damar batu or 'Dhuna', is burnt to keep mosquitoes at bay and believed to ward evil spirits away

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    • • Damar Batu mixed size (Calcutta quality)
    • • Damar Batu super/big size (Bombay quality)
    • • Dust