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    Soapnuts, a member of the family Sapindaceae, are commonly known by several names such as soapberry, washnut, reetha, aritha, dodan, and doadni.

    The plant, a part of the lychee family, boasts of some pretty incredible environmental properties. The part of the tree that is the 'soap nut' are actually berries which are 100% biodegradable, meaning you can literally just throw them in your compost when you're done, helping to cut down on landfill with every load.

    Traditionally used for washing hair and laundry, soapnuts are extensively used as a dyeing agent for coloring the yarn of Tussar silk and cotton.

    We at GVI, collect the produce directly from the source to keep with our promise of active engagement and inspection at every stage.

    Interesting Fact

    Soap nuts are the latest craze in the planet friendly world, considering they are a 100% organic, 100% natural way to wash clothes without any chemicals.

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