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  • Description

    Gum copal is a resin produced by the sap of the forest tree, Agathis Coranthifolia

    It is a semi-fossilized, amorphous resin which has a unique set of properties such as resistance to water, solubility in alcohols, and has the ability to give glossy finishing along with possessing superior binding abilities.

    It is applied as an ingredient of lacquer, varnish, paint, incense, perfumes, dental fillings, paper coating, printing ink, linoleum, adhesive and traditional medicines for cases such as dysentery, stomach pains, dizziness and fright.

    Actively involved in the procurement and sorting and grading, our highly skilled team ensures that there is no compromise on the quality of gum copal provided.

    Interesting Fact

    Throughout history, amber and gum copal have been mistaken for each other, as it is extremely difficult to discern between the two.

  • Product Grades

    • • PWS
      This is the highest grade for gum copal. White in color with more than 95% purity, it is used for making varnish specifically for wood surfaces. It gives a very good luster and excellent resistance from external scratches.
    • • DBB
      This grade is pebble sized and whitish yellow in color with more than 85% purity. An economy grade, with good solubility it is ideal for production of low end varnishes. It can contain some black copal but it is still perfectly and easily dissolved in alcohol solvent mixtures. It is also the most commonly used grade for incense.
    • • WS
      This lowest grade for gum copal is one with larger chunks and black color with about 60% purity. The impurities include tree bark and soil.
    • • Powder
      The powder is the leftover from the processing of PWS and DBB, usually used for varnish