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    Gurjun oil is a liquid resin or oleoresin commonly called balsam.

    Harvesting gurjun oil can be done by tapping the sap of the Keruing tree. Traditionally, the sap of the keruing tree was used by people in the forest as a fuel to light torches. The tapping is done by making a tapping hole in the tree trunk with a hole height of about 1 meter from the ground with a minimum diameter of 50 cm, the hole made must lead to the center of the trunk The collection is best done during the rainy season. After getting the keruing sap, distillation is carried out to get gurjun oil.

    Gurjun oil has been used and used by the community for a long time. The benefits of gurjun oil are as a medicinal ingredient (as a dis-infectant, laxative, diuretic, mild stimulant and analgesic liniments) in torches, putty on wooden vessels, aromatics, waterproof coatings, and lithographic inks.

    Gvi has partnered directly with the farmers to provide you with gurjun Balsam directly from the source.

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