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    The Tamarind tree produces pods containing an edible pulp which is used extensively in cuisines around the world. The tamarind is best described as sweet and sour in taste, and is high in tartaric acid, sugar, B vitamins and, oddly for a fruit, calcium. While the pulp is used for medicinal purposes, the seeds of the pod can produce tamarind seed oil. Indonesia is renowned for cultivation of high quality tamarind, which is widely consumed locally and exported to countries around the world.

    We at GVI procure fresh, high quality tamarind pulp, with and without seed, direct from farmers in Indonesia, mainly in East Java and Flores. We carry out strict quality control during procurement, cleaning, sorting and packing to ensure maximum quality preservation for our buyers.

    Interesting Fact

    Indonesian Tamarind belongs to the Fabaceae family of plants, making it a relative of peas, and beans.

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